Everything you wanted to know about the DA Employee Discount Program.

Who is bringing the DA Employee Discount Program to me?

The DA Employee Discount Program is brought to you by the Employee Wellbeing Team of Dubai Airports, in recognition of your valuable contribution as a DA employee.

Who is eligible to use the discount program?

All current DA employees in the DA HR Department’s records can avail of the discount program.

What do I need to be able to use the discount program?

You will be given one DA Employee Discount Program card with your name and ID number. You simply need to show the discount card at the pay-out counters of the participating stores you visit to get the pre-agreed discount.

Do I have to pay anything for the discount card?

You will not have to pay anything at all, either to receive the card or use it. This is the Employee Well-being Team’s special gesture for valued DA employees.

Can my family use the discount card as well, or do I have to be present with them all the time they show the card?

Your family can use the discount card as well. That is the understanding with our vendor-partners. At all points of time, the original card must be presented to the vendor. Photo or photocopies will not be accepted.

How do I know about discount deals?

Discount deals, including percentage off, validity of discount period and special offers, will be highlighted in this website on a continual basis. Check the website before you go out to make maximum use of your discount card. You will also receive regular emails highlighting the latest deals.

What if I have any questions about the deals?

Please call us at 04 4471 479 (between 10am to 6.30pm; Sunday to Thursday) or email: askus@mydubaiairportdeals.com
DA phone:  04 5044 937; email: EW.events@dubaiairports.ae

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